September 13, 2023, Alegria, Surigao del Norte. In a move to foster unity and collaboration within the community, Municipal Mayor Hon. Rene G. Esma presided over an Interfaith Sector Meeting this afternoon at the Local Chief Executive (LCE) Confab Room in the Municipality of Alegria, Surigao del Norte. The meeting, held on September 13, 2023, saw the participation of various pastors, elders, ministers, and representatives from different interfaith groups, representing a diverse range of beliefs and denominations.

CDP Interfaith Sectoral Consultation

Among the attendees were representatives from the Roman Catholic Church, Faith International Mission Fellowship of the Philippines, Inc., Islam, Jehova’s Witness, United Church of Christ in the Philippines, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Fllinista (PECC), Southern Baptist, and other significant interfaith organizations.

The gathering served as a platform for open dialogue and cooperation, fostering understanding and mutual respect among the different religious sectors present. Mayor Rene G. Esma expressed his gratitude for the collaborative spirit of the interfaith community and highlighted the importance of working together to address the various challenges and opportunities facing Alegria.

The major agenda of the meeting encompassed crucial matters aimed at enhancing the community’s overall well-being. Key topics included the proposed State of the Municipality Address (SOMA), an organizational discussion, and the presentation of proposed programs and projects under the draft Comprehensive Development Plan (2023-2028). The Mayor stressed the significance of obtaining insights and support from the diverse perspectives represented by the interfaith sectors.

“The strength of our community lies in our unity and diversity. We are grateful for the presence of our esteemed religious leaders and representatives today. Your guidance and support are precious as we navigate the path towards progress and development,” Mayor Rene G. Esma stated during the meeting.

The proposed SOMA, an important avenue for the municipal government to report its achievements, plans, and vision for the future, was discussed to garner input and insights from the interfaith community. The meeting also provided an opportunity for the leaders to share their perspectives on various social, economic, and environmental issues affecting the municipality.

The organizational discussion focused on reinforcing collaboration between the municipal government and the interfaith sectors, ensuring that the diverse needs and concerns of the community are addressed comprehensively.

As the meeting concluded, Mayor Rene G. Esma expressed his optimism for the strengthened partnership between the municipal government and the interfaith sectors. He emphasized the role of collective efforts in achieving the municipal vision of #WealthandProgress.

The Municipal Government of Alegria, Surigao del Norte, remains committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, recognizing the vital role that the interfaith sectors play in shaping the future of the municipality to achieve #Wealth and Progress. (JSN)