October 9, 2023, Alegria, Surigao del Norte – In a momentous gathering at the Don Francisco “Kikoy” Bagol Sports Complex, Alegria, on October 9, 2023, Municipal Mayor Rene G. Esma delivered a comprehensive State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) outlining the achievements of the municipal government and presenting ambitious plans for the next three years and the culmination of his last term until 2025.

The SOMA, a much-anticipated event in the community, served as a platform for Mayor Esma to report on the accomplishments across various sectors, including social, economic, environment, infrastructure, and institutional development. The address shed light on the significant strides made by Alegria under Mayor Esma’s leadership and the concerted efforts of the local government.

Mayor Esma commenced his address by expressing gratitude to the residents of Alegria for their unwavering support and cooperation throughout his tenure. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts in achieving the municipal vision encapsulated in the hashtag #WealthandProgress.

The Mayor presented a detailed account of accomplishments in the social sector, highlighting initiatives that focused on education, healthcare, and social welfare. Investments in these areas, Mayor Esma noted, aim to uplift the quality of life for every resident and create a community that thrives on inclusivity and social harmony.

In the economic domain, the Mayor shared success stories of local businesses, agricultural endeavors, and employment generation programs. Alegria, under Mayor Esma’s governance, has witnessed economic growth and resilience, positioning itself as a promising hub for sustainable development which much focus on tourism promotion and development.

Environmental sustainability was another focal point of the SOMA, where Mayor Esma underscored the importance of preserving Alegria’s natural beauty. Initiatives such as lake management programs, waste management strategies, and eco-friendly practices were highlighted as pivotal efforts to ensure a healthy and vibrant environment for current and future generations.

Infrastructure development emerged as a cornerstone of Alegria’s progress. Mayor Esma reported on completed projects and ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing connectivity, public services, and disaster-resistant infrastructures. These developments, he emphasized, are crucial for the well-being and safety of the community.

Institutional reforms and good governance practices were also acknowledged in the SOMA. Mayor Esma commended the dedication of the municipal employees and their commitment to transparent and accountable governance, reinforcing the foundations for sustainable growth. He lauded the significant contribution of the Sangguniang Bayan under the leadership of Municipal Vice Mayor Dominador G. Esma, Jr. in passing relevant resolutions and enacted appropriate municipal ordinances.

Looking ahead, Mayor Esma outlined major plans for the next three years, aligning with the municipal vision of #WealthandProgress. He emphasized the importance of continued investments in key sectors, fostering innovation, and ensuring that development reaches every corner of Alegria. Among the priority plans of Mayor Esma include 1) Improvement/ Expansion of Water Supply System, 2) Completion of Legislative Building, 3) Completion of the Commercial Center Building, 4) Completion of DRRM Operations Center, 5) Construction Road leading to Caves and Waterfalls. With these, he also urged the Sangguniang Bayan to enact an ordinance protecting the water supply of the municipality from the vested interest of business entity.

With humility and dedication, Mayor Esma declared his commitment to serving the people until the culmination of his last term in 2025. “I believed that all the plans that I have explained will be achieved with the blessing of our Almighty God and with all of you who are willing to help me so that we can successfully attain the Wealth and Progress in our town of Alegria,” he said. “So, I encourage and invite everyone to work together and join with me in your prayers, in your joyful spirit and active support in the public service so that with united prayer and active support and service we will achieve the desired prosperous, peaceful, and beautiful Alegria!”, Mayor Esma added.

Mayor Esma urged the community to join hands in realizing the shared vision of Alegria as a model municipality in Surigao del Norte—a testament to wealth, progress, and the resilience of its people. The SOMA concluded with a sense of optimism, inspiring the residents to actively participate in shaping the future of Alegria. (JSN)