The Barangay Anahaw who was also known, as the “Feeder Road”, is the one of youngest established Barangay in the Municipality of Alegria. But the barangay was the oldest name since it bears and carries the original name of the municipality of Alegria, which is Anahaw during its early historical existence.

Years after Alegria become a municipality, this old existing Anahaw was not able to proliferate more population, which is one of elements to determine as requirement whether a place deserved to be called as established barangay. For this reason, Anahaw obliged as the leaders were influenced by the overruling Barangay Poblacion when the latter has already been equipped and formed with stable government and improved population compared to the former. Since then, Anahaw has no choice except to consider him as one of sitio of Barangay Poblacion.

In 1980’s Anahaw began to experience an improved growth of household population. Anahaw start to show up and actively participates in any local ad barangay activities. When Mayor Ruben O. Zamora, who born in the barangay appreciated the warmth, unity, continuous initiatives and support of Anahaw folks, he made the first move to change and enhance Anahaw as part of his dream, dedication and as his great gratitude to his birthplace.

And without any political pressure, Anahaw successfully becomes the 11th official established Barangay in the municipality on June 1989 by virtue of the Sangguniang Resolution No. 87-A and Ordinance No. 23-B s. 1989. Mr. Joaquin S. Sauro, the elderly inhabitant and the father of the dense populace of the Barangay become the first appointed Barangay Captain.