The place was discovered by the logging operators, one of them was the Malayan Timber Corporation. Ferlda was formerly called Sitio Tabon-Tabon of Barangay Camp Eduard is situated in the upper most part of Alegria with a distance of 20 kilometers from the national highway of the municipality.

Way back in the year 1960, the place was seldom reached by civilized people especially only those hinterland hunters until it was being discovered that the area is favorable for development not only in its mineral deposits of coal, gold, iron and silver, and arable lands are potential also.

At the climax reign of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, it was on the full bloom of the PBMA. The local leaders of the province of Surigao del Norte seen that the total populace of San Jose, Surigao del Norte was over populated. The supreme leader of the PBMA negotiated the provincial government of Surigao del Norte to grant the request to migrate in the locality of Alegria.

The Municipality of Alegria under the generous and humble leadership of the Municipal Mayor Francisco Bagol that time accepted the request and proposed Sitio Tabon-Tabon as the dwelling place of migrants. Without hesitation, the people of San Jose who were interested are occupying the place.

The first appointed OIC barangay leader was Leverato Romay. Later in 1978, the first elected Barangay Captain was Mr. Guilermo Ampoloquio.

Within the periods of time, the occupants of the place form into an association of upland farmers and suggested to rename the Sitio Tabon-Tabon into Barangay FERLDA. Sangguniang Bayan Member Vicente Moril endorsed the name Ferlda as suggested by the association and residents of the place in honor of President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda. Subsequently, the renaming of the barangay was officially approved and became a civil barangay bearing its official name Barangay FERLDA – a combination of the word FER and LDA taken from the first three letters name of President Ferdinand Marcos and three last letters of First Lady Imelda. Thus the place got its name Barangay Ferlda.

Presently, Barangay Ferlda is lead by its Punong Barangay Felix Paclipan. The barangay is rich in natural resources which are the prime source of income. The barangay has caves, rivers and waterfalls which are potential tourist destination.

Ferlda is located at the hinterland part of municipality of Alegria comprising two sitio’s namely Sitio Cutom and Sitio Bay-ang. It is bounded in the east by Barangay Mahanob, Municipality of Gigaquit; south Barangay Hinimbangan, Municipality of Kitcharao; north by Barangay Camp Eduard, Municipality of Alegria; and west by Barangay Buya, Municipality of Claver.  Geographically, Barangay Ferlda is accessible by land travel through habalhabal or any single vehicle which is 20 kilometers from the municipality.

Tourism in Ferlda

Barangay Ferlda Cave