Pongtud is geographically located at an elevated place near the Pongtud-Magpayang River. For this geographical reason, the place got its name “Pongtud” which in local language means “a place at the hilltop or elevated place”.

A cultural minority tribe Mamanwa, headed by an immigrant named Justo Monato, began pioneering works in clearing the wastelands. They settled in a place between where the barangay proper is presently located. The settlement of Mamanwa was rather a peaceful one and gradually other immigrants from the neighboring towns of Mainitand Bacuag came over and live alongside with the natives. Settlement of the place approximately began in the year 1910. Immigrants known to the narrator were the following: Pio Taer, Ancleto Hendeve,Vivencio Taer, Domingo Taer, Eugenia Taer, Cepriana Taer, Justo Monato, Tomas Monato and Agapito Taer.

Gradually as the years rolled by, more and more immigrants flocked into this place. They cleaned and owned more lands, which were planted to coconut, banana, rice, corn and other rootcrops. They also lead the way to settle into the higher portion of the place and established an interactive locality, which was the foundation of creating the present Barangay Pongtud.

Upon the inducement of the residents, Pongtud become a barangay after the enactment of the Commonwealth Act of July 16, 1935 under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Mainit. Luckily after Alegria converted into an independent municipality from the mother town Mainit, Pongtud was declared as one of its barangay.