Since the year 1900, the Mamanwas called “Conquesta” only known inhabitants in the community. At first, Conquesta called the place Candiis for the reason that time the place was abundant of fruit trees known as “Candiis”. This is a kind of fruit tree which produced delicious fruits of Conquesta enjoy as one their consumption.

At this period, no one can determine the real nature of this place. Until the years passed, immigrants from other places emerged with different dialects.

In the 1930’s, the families of Odtojan, Baluran, Labaso, Senturais, Rubilla and Seroy emerged simultaneously and inhabited the place. Because they were bound with unity, solidarity and well as with the common vision for better of tomorrow, these families started to cultivate the area of Candiis where before had a total land area of not more than 300 hectares.

The first Teniente del Bario was Alvaro Senturias who served until the end of the World War II. Among the following are his successors: Antonio Rubilla, Marciano Mondas, Justicio Napalan, Gorgonio Abarico, Eduardo Baluran, Benjamin Senturias, Reynaldo San Pedro, Santos Cagadu, Pacensia Lesoy, Horacio Solis, Alfredo Dumanig.