Barangay Julio Ouano before was a part of the vast jurisdiction of Barangay Poblacion under Barangay Captain Eleuterio Pongcol. Later during that time, the administrators encounter difficulties in handling the barangay government due to the subsistence of massive growth of population as well as with the complex juridical administration. For this reason, the Barangay Council proposes to divide Poblacion into two administrative barangays. Shortly after the Council finally decided to separate the Poblacion, the western part remains the status name as Barangay Poblacion, while the eastern part received the name as Barangay Don Julio Ouano, which is derived in honor to Mr. Julio Ouano Sr., a wealthy personality of the time who donated a large area of his land for a school site.

The barangay was created under the Municipal Ordinance No. 15 dated September 4, 1986. However, the assumption of President Corazon C. Aquino after EDSA Revolution resulted in the changes in the new set of barangay officials who took their oath by virtue of the proclamation of Provincial Order No. 145 on January 12, 1987, in accordance with the Presidential Order No. 48. Since then, January 12 which is a memorable day of the barangay is considered by the barangay official as the fixed date of their official celebration of “Adlaw nan Barangay Don Julio Ouano”.

Barangay D.J. Ouano is one the busiest center in the municipality because it is where the presence of business centers is located like the Mercado Publiko (Public Market) and other institutional infrastructure like the Alegria National High School (ANHS).

The barangay is bounded by Barangay Ombong in the East, Barangay Gamuton in the South, Barangay San Pedro in the North, and Barangay Poblacion in the West. The total land area of this barangay was divided into three (3) parts, such as 50% planted with coconuts, 25% rice field, and 25% residential and commercial

On January 12, 1987, the Municipal Mayor was Ruben Odvina-Zamora who appoints the set of Barangay Officials of Barangay Julio Ouano with Rosalinda Moril-Natad, as Punong Barangay with the Sangguniang Barangay Members, Barangay Secretary, and Barangay Treasurer. In the 1989 Barangay Elections installed Rosalinda Moril-Natad as an elected Punong Barangay under the scheme of Magic Seven.

In the year 1994 Barangay Elections, Punong Barangay Rosalinda M. Natad was replaced by an elected Punong Barangay Ruben G. Caumpay and became the ABC President until he completed the three (3) consecutive terms as Punong Barangay. During the time of Punong Barangay Ruben G. Caumpay, it was then the time that the DILG passed a particular Memorandum Circular on the creation of different special committees including the Lupong Tagapamayapa. The terms of the Lupon Members during the time of Ruben G. Caumpay accord with the term of the Punong Barangay, but some members were migrated to other places and some were incapable, and the vacant position was filled-up.

Currently, the Barangay is under the administration of Punong Barangay Ferdinand L. Angob who received the overwhelming votes in the year 2007 Barangay Elections. Some former members of Lupon were re-installed.