Barangays of Alegria, Surigao del Norte


Alipao is part of the rural barangay of Alegria, Surigao del Norte located along the National Highway (Daang Maharlika Highway


Anahaw who was also known, as the “Feeder Road”, is the one of youngest established Barangay in the Municipality of Alegria.


Budlingin was officially recognized as the barangay under the declaration of Republic Act 3580 in April 12, 1971. The movement of civilization gradually approached the call of social evaluation was responsible for the change of its virginal glory.

Camp Edward

The logging camp was called CAMP EDUARD. And when the logging firm stops its operation, the people living there petitioned for recognizing the place into barangay.


Barangay Ferlda was created under the regime of the deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos and with the efforts and recommendations made by the Municipal Officials of Alegria.


The municipal administration at that time under the discretion of Mayor Ruben O. Zamora and Vice-Mayor Roberto Ugay look viable ways and means to convert Sitio Gamuton into an independent barangay

Julio Ouano

Barangay Julio Ounao before was a part of the vast jurisdiction of Barangay Poblacion under Barangay Captain Eleuterio Pongcol. The barangay was created under the Municipal Ordinance No. 15 dated September 4, 1986.


As time progresses, the people finally shortened that vernacular invitation into one word “Ombong” which means “the place where music thrilled from the Bamboo Orchestra”.


The existing name of what is now Barangay Poblacion was originally called “Barangay Tuburan” due to the presence of a number of small creeks in the place.


Pongtud is geographically located at an elevated place near the Pongtud-Magpayang River. For this geographical reason, the place got its name “Pongtud” which in local language means “a place at the hilltop or elevated place”.

San Juan

In 1989, San Juan became a barangay after the ratification of a plebiscite. This made possible through the effort of Mayor Ruben O. Zamora and Barangay Captain Eleodoro M. Labaso together with the support of the people of the Barangay Alipao and Purok San Juan.

San Pedro

Barangay San Pedro was formerly known as Km.47 of the Daang Maharlika (National Highway). It was created on February 8, 1953 by the Municipal Council of Mainit