Barangay Poblacion

The Commonwealth Act on October 26, 1927, was the legal basis of the establishment of the Barangay Poblacion, which was known in its history as Barangay Alegria under the jurisdiction of Municipality of Mainit.

The existing name of what is now Barangay Poblacion was originally called “Barangay Tuburan” due to the presence of a number of small creeks in the place. It was the barangay officials along with the popular consensus of the barangay people dubbed the place “Tuburan”. The name Tuburan is derived from the local or vernacular terminology “tubod” which refers to the flowing small streams and creeks.

Some “tubod” of water is used by the people for daily washing, cleaning, bathing, and drinking. But later when the World Health Organization came, the people were advised not to drink this water without boiling.

The first Teniente del Barrio were Ceraico Efren, Toams V. Cosca, Liborio L. Zamora, Leopoldo Bacor, Cristilo Madelo, Marcelo Cannibel, Ceilo Patiño, Francisco Maglaque, Ramon Badajos Sr., Fernando Cosca, and Absalon beberino.

By Republic Act 5239 dated June 15, 1968, Barangay Alegria became an independent town. It was during the time of Barangay Captain Absalon Beberino.

In the 1970 Barangay election, Eleuterio Pongcol won toppling Absalon Beberino until the Revolutionary Government of President Corazon Aquino in 1986.

The new set of Government Officials during the Aquino Government were introduced throughout the nation that affects the changes on local as well as national leaders from the barangay. The barangay during this period was under the administration of Antonia L. Orquina as the Officer-In-Charge (OIC) Barangay Captain.

After the EDSA Revolution, Erlinda O. Rebojo won as the newly elected Barangay Captain over Antonia L. Orquina from 1988 to 1995. It was then when Barangay Tuburan changed into Barangay Poblacion. In June 1990, Sitio Anahaw separates from the Barangay. Four months later, Barangay Council Resolution passed to create another Sitio Gamuton into an independent Barangay.

When Erlinda O. Rebojo joined the local election and was elected as the Sangguniang Bayan member, Asmabeth B. Ugay Sr. took the office as the Barangay Captain since he was the first councilor. His term of office ended last August 15, 2002

Suzeth Z. Dagcuta, eldest daughter of Former Mayor Ruben O. Zamora assumed office last August 15, 2002 after the barangay election. Her Barangay Councilors are Carmelita U. Casaña, Dominica T. Micompal, Teresito R. Trozo Sr., Ronald E. Mamza, Paz Edilberta B. Ugay, Eugenio I. Obada, and Danilo C. Entuna.

Presently, the first councilor Carmelita U. Casaña become the active Barangay Captain after Suzeth Z. Dagcuta elected as a member of the Sangguniang Bayan in May 2003.